Annual Conference Inspires Global Teams

eibe's annual Global Conference took place in snowy Röttingen, Germany between 25-26 January 2016. With attendees from various international offices, such as New Zealand, Russia, Japan, Mongolia or Iceland the two day seminar focused on new product launches, as well as celebrating key successes from 2015.

The days were packed full of inspirational presentations from senior managers and there was plenty to take back home for each delegate. In the evenings, there was plenty of bonding time with overseas colleagues, the highlight of which was the eibe Karting Grand Prix.

As you'd expect from fierce international rivals, the competition was intense with all nationalities battling for a place in the final. With spectacular crashes, nervy photo finishes and classic motor sport drama throughout the night, nine brave souls took their place on the final's starting grid.

Merging Schumacher-like handling with Senna type bravery, a colleague from Italy steered his kart to victory, weaving skillfully through the field in a quite breathtaking 20-lap master class. Germany and Norway claimed silver and bronze respectively. But let's be honest, nobody remembers a runner-up!

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