BodyWeightStation - Functional Training outdoors

After an extended stay in Rio de Janeiro, where the street- and also beach-scene is characterised by fitness, training and corporeality, the sports economist Philipp Burneckas from Würzburg had the idea to establish a professional platform for outdoor training also in Germany. Back at home, the concept of the BodyWeightStation emerged in close collaboration with the sports institute of the University Bayreuth, training supervisors of the scene, as well as experienced athletes.

This is based on Functional Training – for specialists it is no longer a novelty: German’s national football team has been training according to its principles for almost 10 years. Gradually its basic methods are entering popular sports. Training programmes in many fitness centres and sports club are no longer a rarity. CrossFit-Boxes, Extra-Studios and other specialised providers open up in every city. Functional Training combines trends such as CrossFit, BodyWeight-Training, Calisthenics, TRX-Training, KettleBell-Training, Freeletics and many more. Away from complex and expensive machines, the trend goes back to the training with your own body weight – against gravity – back to the roots.

eibe does not only follow this trend, it is one step ahead. In 2015 the company has implemented Philipp Burneckas‘ concept and put a high quality platform for Functional Training outdoors on the market – the BodyWeightStation.

The BodyWeightStation offers University sports centres, sports clubs, cities and municipalities a professional platform for the exercise of fitness trends. The basic underlying concept and the progressive structure of the station make it very interesting for athletes of every level of training and of every age. With the BodyWeightStation every existing sports program can be enhanced professionally and cost-efficiently by the well-thought-out and functional use of open spaces. 

The first BodyWeightStation has been installed at the sports institute of the University Bayreuth. As usual eibe took care of the "whole package": delivery, ground works, installation, foundation work, impact protection, up to the release of the site for the training.

Nils Arnecke from "Allgemeinen Hochschulsport" of the University Bayreuth has promoted the idea to set up this unit in Bayreuth right from the start and is pleased about the contemporary upgrading of university sports and teaching.

"eibe’s BodyWeightStation is a perfect addition for the fitness room of the Institute of Sports Science of the Bayreuth University, which particularly in the evening hours is bursting at all seams. The station enables all participants of university sports and sports students functional strength- and fitness training outdoors – from beginners to advanced. Right from the start the unit is very well received."

Many other interested parties are already convinced of the BodyWeightStation – the trend of Functional Training outdoors is gathering speed.

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