Center Parcs Bostalsee

At last, the new Center Parcs, Bostalsee near the village of Nohfelden has opened its gates for the general public in June 2013. In the middle of the most beautiful natural landscape of the Saarland, the new recreation park was developed right beside a lake and features 500 modern and comfortable holiday homes. Besides a vast amount of different leisure activities (e.g. swimming, go boating, hiking, sailing and cycling) there are even more attractions to enjoy.

eibe is very proud to have contributed a beautiful indoor-playground to the project at the sunny Bostalsee, which also boasts  other attractions such as a tropical swimming pool with a wave machine, a miniature golf course, a bowling alley, multiple restaurants and a supermarket.

After a detailed planning and design phase, a unique playground was developed together with the decision makers from Saarland, the operating company and project managers for Center Parcs. The Play area was designed as a labyrinth of stacked wooden boxes, creating a fantasy world of unrivaled play for children, with slides, climbing elements and movable boxes to let their imaginations run wild. Alongside this,  various other play features were included, for example voice pipes and the exciting new interactive i-zone play unit.

Benjamin Eichinger, eibe’s export and project manager, commented on the brand new play area i-zone:

“The i-zone consists of several satellites that can be deployed for outdoor playgrounds, but also for indoor areas like the one at Center Parcs, Bostalsee. The satellites are pre-programmed with 5 different games and combine interactive computer gaming with lots of fun and physical activity.”

For Bostalsee a total of 12 satellites were installed. The i-zone combines the advantages of computer games with exercise and fun by creating games where the buttons must be pressed in sequence or before your opponent reaches them. The interactive buttons that were developed for this purpose were pre-programmed with animal calls and lights, so even more fun can be had by playing in the dark!

The difference to conventional playgrounds is the multi-purpose range of application of the i-zone. It manages to linkthe interests of children and teenagers through physical activity and interaction, promoting development in reactions, coordination, stamina and team work. Moreover and beyond, it enhances play, regardless of age.

The adventurous indoor playground is the centre piece of the  brand new leisure park and locates itself in the heart of the building. “It does not matter how fussy your children may be – they will not get bored at Bostalsee, with exciting activities or the adventurous indoor-playground, it will make for an unforgettable holiday...” says Center Parcs.





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