eibe - Company with a Vision

This means that it is among the medium-sized companies that make a point of having a workforce with a balanced age mix, and that offer job opportunities specifically to older employees.

The company philosophy is characterized by the high quality of its product and personnel policy. eibe Produktion + Vertrieb GmbH & Co. KG is also open for job seekers with placement handicaps. Via extended adaptation training measures, they are given the opportunity to secure for themselves a full-time position in the general labour market.

With this nomination, the Employment Pact "fünfzigPLUSarbeit" (employment for people aged 50+) wants to reward the company for its commitment for older employees, and to represent it in public as an example of good practice in one of the new regions covered by the Pact.

"The mixture of young people's dynamics and older people's experience of life and their work is important for our company."

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