Entrepreneur of the Year - Finalist 2009

Innovation and growth also in times of crisis

Ernst & Young honours exemplary entrepreneurial commitment. Awards ceremony on 2nd October in the Alte Oper in Frankfurt

Röttingen, 05 October 2009 – Well-managed companies show innovative power and growth also in difficult times. 77 such companies and the managers standing behind them now made it into the final round of the well-known enterprise contest "Entrepreneur of the Year“, among them Tilo Eichinger from eibe Produktion + Vertrieb GmbH & Co. KG. "I am very happy about this success, and I understand this award as a challenge for the tasks to come", says Tilo Eichinger, CEO of eibe Produktion + Vertrieb GmbH & Co. KG, when he reached the final round of the contest.

In this year, a total of 300 medium-sized companies were awarded the renowned prize. "All the participants are very good", reports Wolfgang Glauner, organizer and project manager of the contest. "These companies boast double-digit growth rates and provide new jobs while the economy is in a downturn."

From among the 77 finalists, a jury of recognized economic experts now chooses the "Entrepreneurs of the Year 2009" in the five categories industry, trade, services, information and communication technology/media, and start-up companies. The winners will be named on 2nd October in the Alte Oper Frankfurt before a podium of distinguished guests. As a highlight of the evening, there will be a literary premiere: The successful author Daniel Kehlmann will read his exclusive story on entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship.

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