Founder of company eibe becomes 70

The person celebrating his anniversary, who is born on 10th August 1941, spent his childhood in Röttingen. After school he learned the carpentry in his parents´ company. Already before his father´s firm was handed over to him, Hartmut Eichinger had a vision: To found a company, to create jobs and to produce goods that make children happy and give them an incentive to move. In the end Hartmut Eichinger today proudly claims to have managed it.

In the company, founded by him in 1970, playgrounds, furniture and toys are still today installed and sent worldwide. Whether in Seoul, Teheran, Tokyo, Berlin or somewhere else in the world, children from all over the world learn and play on eibe playgrounds and with eibe products. In Röttingen, eibe currently has approximately 260 employees. Even eight subsidiaries in Germany and abroad belong to the eibe team in Röttingen. Thus eibe has more than 300 employees in total. As the eibe-founder, who has successfully given over the company to this son Tilo, has always placed importance on quality and sustainability in view of his products, his playground equipment has been awarded with many prizes all over the world. Recently eibe has been awarded for the long-lasting membership in the Bavarian environment agreement.

Hartmut Eichinger has privately always acted for “his” children in the motto “eibe for children”. This was the reason for him to start an aid programme for Romania 22 years ago which was much more about than just the usual goods like clothes and food. Hartmut Eichinger also offered the equipment for several kindergartens and children´s homes. His personal effort has been appreciated by many persons of the public life. So it was just a consequence that Mr. Eichinger received the medal of the Republic of Germany for his special commitment to disadvantaged and poor people in 2009. The district administrator Eberhard Nuß stressed again the commitment of Mr. Eichinger. 

Even in his home town, visitors of all age groups cannot complain. There are free time activities for people of all age and target groups. There is a large playground, next to the eibe company, which is always equipped with the newest play units and cost-free. An Active course, which was installed in 2010 and should promote movement and thus the well-being of young people as well as senior citizens, is also provided in Röttingen.

In Röttingen, there is no public life without Hartmut Eichinger. He was president of the tourism association from 1971 until 1978 and of the trade association from 1988 until 1992. But he even supports other associations. Since 2008 he is an active member of the city council again.

Hartmut Eichinger enjoys his retirement e.g. on fishing. He is particularly interested in collecting historical photos and documents about Röttingen which he has filed and which he provides cost-free (if required) to the public. To save his legacy, he is working intensively on the documentation of the family- and eibe-company- history since 2010.

He wishes to keep the cultural treasures of Röttingen. That´s why he advocates actively for the maintenance of the chapels and monuments of Röttingen.

For this 70th Birthday he receives congratulations of his wife, 4 children, grandchildren, relatives, friends, supporters and of course of all eibe employees. Donations are intended for the maintenance of the “Käppele” in Röttingen.

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