Grand Award for medium-sized enterprises - winner in 2010

This is the motto of the Award for medium-sized enterprises 2010. eibe, already being awarded for finalist last year, is now one of the 3 proud winners from Bavaria in the competition of 3500 companies throughout Germany.

Tilo Eichinger, CEO of the company eibe Produktion & Vertrieb GmbH & Co. KG in Röttingen, has been given a great honour. The company eibe has been awarded with the  "(Main) Award for medium-sized enterprises 2010" on the gala, after having won the prize for finalist last year. Tilo Eichinger took this honouring with pleasure and pride.

This award is not a matter of course. More than 3500 companies from all fields have been nominated, thereof more than 900 enterprises just from Bavaria. An independent jury examines every company as a whole and in its part in the society. "Three prize winners and five finalists are awarded by the Oskar-Patzelt- foundation and we are very proud of being one of these prize-winning companies this year", says Tilo Eichinger. The motto of the competition was: "Well-established medium-sized businesses – sound economy – more jobs".

There are many reasons for this award. At first glance, there is of course the particular responsibility for an education according to the age of toddlers, children and teenagers regarding safety of the products, quality and not least the use of renewable raw materials.

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