Inside Out

In some corner of the globe, eibe is designing another stunningly creative indoor play world. Using imaginative designs, beautiful, cleverly crafted products and inventive use of space, the eibe team can bring all the excitement of outdoor adventuresome fun into an indoor environment.

From the nature inspired, robinia based play barns at Burger Zoo in Holland and Pensthorpe Park in Norfolk to the vivid kaleidoscopic colours of Captune’s World in Turkey’s capital, eibe delivers inspiring solutions to inside issues. Maximising metreage and using pioneering design techniques, eibe conjures up creative concepts to suit the client’s needs.

Our most recent high profile project in the UK at Bolton Shopping Centre, unveiled a magical underworld in its vaults; Amazonia is a sprawling jungle playspace complete with mini golf and train ride. You might even find time to do some shopping afterwards!


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