It's All Very Wells

eibe Play is delighted to unveil its newest bespoke playground project in conjunction with Mendip District Council. The £150,000 scheme is an integral part of the Trust's plans for further improvements to the Wells Recreation Ground and Bishop's barn.

It was in November 2015 that plans for the regeneration by the Wells Recreation Ground Trust first began. Acting as project managers for the trust, Mendip District Council thus undertook a competitive tender process for a new, thought-provoking play scheme. Relevant stakeholders from the council then went about dealing with core strategic implementation such as planning matters and securing suitable funding. It was eibe that ultimately submitted the winning bid and was awarded the contract. This decision was underpinned when eibe was also the public's choice at various consultation events.

The project finally got the seal of approval in May 2016, when Mendip's Cabinet approved the allocation of Section 106 funding which matched a contribution from the council's own Play Development Budget.
Cllr John North, Chairman of the Wells Recreation Ground Trust, said:

"I know there's a lot of interest and excitement about the new play area and the gym circuit. I've no doubt that the wait has been worthwhile. The recreation ground is a wonderful open space at the heart of Wells for the community to enjoy."

Construction of the playspace began in early September 2016 and the play area features a range of new and exciting equipment surrounding a stand-out themed castle. The range of products means that children from toddlers to teens will find something to suit their play needs. What’s more, with the added benefit of adult gym equipment, Wells will be an ideal destination for families, offering something for every age group.


The project has certainly been challenging for eibe and has involved every member of our team. We realised from the start that the play area is of huge significance to the local community, so we kept the historical significance at the forefront of our design concepts. The installation team took over, working to typically tight deadlines, but all our endeavours paid off, as we now eagerly anticipate another generationless playground and welcoming a Wonderful Winter of Wells play!


Kirstie Harris from Better Play Areas for Wells adds:

"Our group has spent many hours researching, consulting the public and attending meetings to ensure that the children of Wells have new and exciting play facilities. At the beginning of our research we discovered that families from Wells were visiting playgrounds out of town rather than play areas in their local parks. We're ecstatic that all of our hard work has paid off. Lots of parents have told us that they now intend spending more time at the brand new playground in Wells Recreation Ground which can only be good for our city."

The new play area will be officially opened by the Chairman of Mendip District Council, Cllr Jeannette Marsh and the Mayor of Wells, Cllr Alison Gibson on Sunday October 30th. We look forward to showcasing images from the day in the not too distant future…

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