Natural park NORMAFA

In November 2015 a new playground in the natural park Normafa, Budapest opened its gates. 

The mayor of the sector XII of Budapest, Zoltán Pokorni, was present at the opening and he emphasized the fact that Normafa is the second most visited park in Budapest and it was overused lately, so there was a need for renewal.

The first phase included a new playground near the Anna meadow and Mindigfa, the eibe partner in Hungary, was chosen to build this "fairytale land". The customers wish was first, besides the high quality, to have only natural items. This is the reason our partner Mindigfa proposed a mix between paradiso – climbing spider Thekla, railway Cosmo, the little house Finlo, climbing tree Ema, Yanna swings, spring rockers Ugo and Sheep and more - ibondo Sleeping Beauty play unit and unique play and climbing unit Extron

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