New playground in Nantes for the ESEAN health facility

ESEAN is a health facility for follow-up care and rehabilitation for children and adolescents with different health problems. Children are hospitalized from birth to the age of legal majority.

Our partner from France, Mobiplay, has conceived and imagined a playground in collaboration with the care team and the occupational therapists whom we would like to thank for their confidence.

Children will now be able to enjoy play structures that are adapted and thought out for them: fantallica integration carousel, fantallica integration swing and playo Swing Condor with bird's nest. The EPDM shock-absorbing floor on the theme of the sea and the aquatic world will make them travel in a magical world where their imagination will be limitless.

The ibondo Play equipment Brüssel will give them the opportunity to become familiar with all types of surfacing they may encounter and thus learn to adapt to any kind of difficulty.




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