The German Minister for the Environment Dr. Markus Söder awards company eibe

The regional environment agreement continues a success story in Bavaria. Since 1995 the environment agreement stands for economic activity. Now, this idea should be firmly established in the regions. Lower Franconia is already today particularly eco-friendly: Currently approx. 331 companies with more than 52 000 employees are member of the environment agreement.

With a ceremony, the Minister started the "Regional environment agreement" on the 29th July 2011 in Lower Franconia. The Minister for the Environment, Dr. Markus Söder, nominated six personalities of the economy for being ambassadors of the environment agreement in Lower Franconia. They are advertising the idea of the environment agreement. Furthermore, he awarded within a ceremony 24 members of the environment agreement of Lower Franconia for their long-lasting commitment. Amongst them, also Mr. Tilo Eichinger, CEO of eibe Produktion + Vertrieb GmbH & Co. KG in Röttingen, was awarded. The company eibe, being one of the leading manufacturer of high-quality kindergarten and school furniture, sporting articles and outdoor play units, is member of the environment agreement since 1998.

A sign for the sustainability of the company eibe is their heating with wood. The percentage of renewable energies is up to 96 % for heating and fuels and 26 % for electricity. Therefore it is just logical that eibe has invested in a new electric powered fork-lift truck which gets by without any fossil fuels. The new electric powered fork-lift truck is user-friendly because it is producing a low level of harmful substances and it also offers protection against noise for the employees in the workshops and for the residents. Furthermore, it contributes to the saving of CO².

By the investment in 3 new lorries with a particular aerodynamic silhouette, eibe takes the next step into the reduction of CO² and anyway offers a big shipping volume of 20 m³. These vehicles, which are optimized in the wind tunnel, help our employees with the delivery and installation of playgrounds and interior furnishing.

So it is just natural that eibe is one of the Bavarian companies awarded.

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