When the Seagulls Follow the Trawler

When the enigmatic and mercurial Manchester United footballer, Eric Cantona, came out with his legendary and somewhat subliminal quote about seagulls following a trawler in the mid-1990s, I’m not sure he was prophesising a playground upgrade in Selsey! But that is exactly what happened recently in the West Sussex coastal town…

Back in the early summer of 2015, eibe Play installed a brand new maritime-themed playspace on behalf of Selsey Town Council. One of the many stand-out features of the project was a Trawler Play Unit, a flexible and multi-use structure that can entertain many children all at once.

A few months later, Becky White, Operations Manager at Selsey Town Council, approached eibe to add something new, as the original site was proving incredibly popular with locals and visitors to the seaside. Only Monsieur Cantona could have conceived that the product that should follow the “Trawler” was the “Seagull” from our minimondo range. Aimed at toddlers, the new unit comes with a climbing ladder, slide boat panels and a steering wheel.


Maybe Eric was wiser than we thought! 

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